Lots of amazing food stalls...

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FRIDAY NIGHT FREE BAR 6-10pm - Cider, Lager & Wine - yes that\'s right - totally free, so make the most of it! 

\"\"  Consider Haselbech Farm your home for the weekend.  We want you to run footloose and fancy free and just to be happy as can be!  All we ask is that you embrace the people around you, celebrate the individual and respect mother nature. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please send us a message from the \'Contact\' page.

HELLO :) & GOODBYE :( TIMES The gates open on Friday at 2pm please do not arrive before then as we will not be able to welcome you with open arms. And we ask everyone to pack their bags by Monday 12 noon.  Please make sure you are safe to drive home.  Please note there is strictly no entry on the gate between 1am and 11am each morning.  Keep your wrist bands on, our security team will be checking wrist bands in the site as well as on the gate. 

LITTER BUGS - there is no excuse, we really do implore, plead and need everyone to get involved with the simple task of putting rubbish in the bin.  We are determined this year to make it a totaly green clean site all weekend.  While it should need no further explanation, sadly Haselstockers you do not have a good track record in this area...

1. We do not have litter pickers, as everyone is responsible for keeping the site clean & green.  

2. Livestock are kept in all the fields so please no glass.

3. If you see rubbish on the floor, pick it up and bin it!

4. Smokers bin your butts!

5. If you see people throwing rubbish on the floor ask them kindly not to and show them the nearest bin.

6. Do not use the campsite as a flytip - leaving unwanted tents, gazebos and rubbish is very unfriendly to the weary Haselstock team on Monday. 

7. It costs us a lot of money to deal with the rubbish (we get no help from the council) so if you can reduce the amount of packing you bring into the site and take some of your campsite rubbish home with you that is very helpful.

HEALING & MASSAGE Located in the paddock, the healing area will be a tranquil haven with various treatments to restore body and soul...     

Relexology, Deep Tissue, Swedish & Aromatherapy with Spence and Lucy. £25 half an hour and £40 full hour 

HEALTH & HAPPINESS Haselstock is essentially a private party and everyone comes at their own risk and that of their children. There will be a bouncy castle and all sorts of adventures for children to explore - we have tried to make everything as safe as possible but ultimately you are responsible for your children and their well being at all times.

CHARITY DONATIONS - Haselstock is a non-profit event and we aim to spend all your ticket money on providing the most entertaining weekend we can!  This is not a fund raising event as such, but if we do make any money we donate all profits to charity.  Haselstock 2012 charities tbc.

Market Harborough Taxis

We are 20 mins from Mkt Harborough train station.

Spotty Dog: 01858 466 444       Murphy\'s 01858 466 444

Please ask taxis to drop & collect you at the end of the drive, no vehicles down the track.

Northampton train sation is 30 mins by cab.

Cash Machines - the nearest cash point is Market Harborough. There is a \'cash back\' facility at Naseby Village shop 3 miles away.