HASELSTOCK CAPACITY IS 500 PEOPLE MAX.  As a non-profit event we aim to spend all your ticket money on providing the most entertaining weekend we can!  This is not a fund raising event as such, but if we do make any money we donate all profits to charity.  Our chosen charity this year is Carefree Northants.


We have a limited number of Haselstock tickets available.

To reserve a ticket contact Bex tel: 07966 319 382 or email: bexhewetson@hotmail.co.uk


Please make sure you let us know you are coming - if we get to full capacity (500) then sorry but you will be turned away unless your name is on the gate.




Look up, look up, at any tree!

There is so much for eyes to see:

Twigs, catkins, blossoms; and the blue

Of Sky, most lovely, peeping through

Between the leaves, some large, some small,

Some green, some gold before their fall;

Fruits you can pick; fruits out of reach;

And little birds with twittering speech;

And, if you\'re quick enough, maybe

A laughing fairy in the tree!