Friday                                      Saturday                              Sunday

The Glove of Love (dj)                         Alucidnation (solo artist)                               Fran Taylor (solo artist )         

Ben Fakouri (dj)                                  Spiral Shrive (dj)                                            Will Jeffrey (live band) 

Sam James (dj)                                   Hackney Colliery Band (brass band)              Earl Oakin (solo artist)

The Whip (headline live act)                Boss (dj double act)                                      Charlie Pool (dj)

Sparkie Malarkie (dj)                            Chris Hanson (dj)                                          Tallaulah Goodtimes (dj)

                                                            Ian Betts (resident dj)                                    Ranjitbaby (dj)

                                                            The Egg (headline live act)


Sam James
We are so excited to have secured the delectable DJ Sam this year.  2011 saw him play at some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the UK, with his debut at the world famous Global Gatherin... find out more »
Sparkie Malarkie
Cartier Polo, World Kite surfing championships, Resident at the legendary Cross club for 3 years and a London house music tastemaker, what hasn\'t Sparkie Malarkie achieved in over 15 years of spinning the black and roun... find out more »
The Glove of Love
\'The Glove\' first played out 31 years ago and has regularly played at Haselstock over teh years.  He used to be part of the philanthropic \'Thank You\' team who regularly threw free parties in Shoreditch in the ni... find out more »
The Whip
Headline live act for Friday night, be prepared to go super sonic.   Get your dancing shoes firmly on and enjoy the ride. Read \'The Whip\' Biography 2011... We’re sitting in a café on the outskir... find out more »
\"Highly personal, but totally accessible, it is filmic music that tugs at the heartstrings, often melancholic and reflective, often carefree and joyous, but never anything other than totally fresh, unique and inspirin... find out more »
Expect to hear whatever\'s necessary to get the party started. Drawing from an arsenal of funk, house, jazz, lounge and High Energy Gregorian Chant Mashups, Boss will get you in the mood to boogie ..... (in the absence o... find out more »
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson has been making and playing dance music for the last ten years, hopping around the planet, blasting underground parties, he always seems to leave a lot of happy dancers in his wake. He co founded Ultradelux... find out more »
Hackney Colliery Band
Featuring trumpets, trombones, saxes, sousaphone and marching percussion, this 9 piece band are totally acoustic and yet able to blow the roof off any room.  Formed in 2008 out of a desire to play music that appeale... find out more »
Ian Betts
Haselstock\'s resident DJ, Ian Betts will headline Saturday night in the barn.  Consistently brilliant, always a triumph, you won\'t be able to resist... Ian has been capturing the imagination of dance music l... find out more »
Spiral Shrive
Starting cocktail hour early, and helping you limber up for the Haselstock Olympics, local resident Spiral Shrive will be dishing up a restorative dose of wobbly electronica, sticky funk, dusty disco and low motion house... find out more »
The Egg
Headlining Saturday night, its the mighty egg... Like New Order floating on a cloud’- The Observer. The Egg play live house, rocktronic, funk and ambient influenced dance music, using electronic and live instrume... find out more »
Charlie Pool
Charlie learnt to DJ the Old School way, by that we mean he was classically trained at one of the country\'s oldest of old schools, Radley. He has DJ\'d at rarves since it got cool to do so and has rocked many a D-Floor ... find out more »
Earl Okin
Singer songwriter, musician, comdien, call him what you will, Earl Okin is  brilliant and is sure to entertain us all on Sunday afternoon with his witty ditties.   find out more »
Fran Taylor
A singer songwriter based in Leicestershire, Fran has been writing for over ten years but only started her performing adventures in the last two.  Her music is a folk pop mix, light on the ears and heavy on the hear... find out more »
Yes yes yes! Party people!  After experiencing Marcus play Haselstock 2010 for an impromtu last chance to dance sunday night set, we want more.  So if you love uplifting house and you love to dance this is... find out more »
Tallulah Goodtimes
Tallulah Goodtimes is the alter-ego of international spin sister SophieDJ and originator of the Swing-Me-Fit phenomena.    What better way to bump-start your party heart than by warding off those Sunday morn... find out more »
Will Jeffery
Will Jeffery describes his music a “Beautifully shambolic smokey folk”.  “One of the finest singer-songwriters in the Midlands” LeftLion Magazine.  The juxtaposition of gravelly v... find out more »