Hackney Colliery Band - Saturday 30th June 2012

Hackney Colliery Band

Featuring trumpets, trombones, saxes, sousaphone and marching percussion, this 9 piece band are totally acoustic and yet able to blow the roof off any room.  Formed in 2008 out of a desire to play music that appealed to the feet as much as to the ears, the Hackney Colliery Band is east London’s unique take on the brass band.

Hackney Colliery Band’s members have hugely diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from work with cutting edge jazz groups to the Royal Opera House, and from Jarvis Cocker to major international orchestras.

This breadth of musical talent is clearly on display in their eclectic repertoire. Mining nuggets of funk, hip-hop and high-octane rock from the musical coalface and throwing in a few chunks of Balkan brass, ska and contemporary jazz for good measure, the Hackney Colliery Band’s setlist is as diverse as the London borough that gave them their name.

Add the fact that the band stays true to its roots by bringing the tradition of mobile marching bands firmly into the 21st Century and you know that every gig’s sure to be unique. Whatever and wherever they’re playing, though, you can be certain of one thing: this is high-energy, good- time music that’ll make you want move your feet.

The Band

Trumpet, flugelhorn: Nick Ashwood
Trumpet, melodica: Steve Pretty
Tenor sax: Tom Richards
Alto/baritone sax: Mike Lesirge
Trombone: Jonathan Sweeney
Trombone: Magnus Dearness
Sousaphone: Jeff Miller
Snare drum, hi hat & cymbals: Luke Christie
Bass drum, wood block, cowbell & cymbals: Olly Blackman