Will Jeffery - Sunday 1st July 2012

Will Jeffery
Will Jeffery describes his music a “Beautifully shambolic smokey folk”.  “One of the finest singer-songwriters in the Midlands” LeftLion Magazine.  The juxtaposition of gravelly vocals and chugging folk rhythms is the main ingredient for Jeffery’s musical pie, with his backing band The Wild Gentry providing the all-important gravy.  Always a well-received character on the Nottingham music scene, he is now ready to share his blend of gypsy folk with people further afield.

Will Jeffery’s far-reaching influences range from the sea shanties of old to the country-tinged folk of America; his biggest muse being the Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash. If he had to mention other musicians that have inspired, Lee Hazlewood, Leadbelly and John Sebastian will definitely pop up, along with The Doors and other bands of the sixties.