\"\"HAPPY CAMPERS - we have lots of families and young children at this event, please be considerate in amongest all the fun.  Do not camp in the family camping area if you want to party all night, children and parents need their kip! 

Family campers can park their vehicles next to their tents.  Everyone else please park up at the top of the field once you have set up your tents, it looks prettier! CAMPERVANS most welcome, no extra charge!

MASSAGE: available all weekend in the top paddock, with the amazing Spence & Lucy.  Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Swedish & Aromatherapy.

£25 half an hour/ £40 ful hour.

THE SOUND OF SILENCE: Enjoy the quiet time, please no sound systems or car stereos playing outside, we have lots of lovely music through the weekend so please respect the curfews and enjoy nature\'s very own morning chorus!  

\"\"  Please resist building campfires in the campsite, there will be   an enormous bonfire in the paddock and strong men needed to keep the embers burning!

  POOCHES: We would prefer it if you didn\'t bring your dogs as there are lots of sheep in the surrounding fields, but if you must, make sure they are kept on a lead at all times, thanks xxx.

  We highly recommend camping and being part of the Haselstock community for the weekend.  But for local B&B\'s try villages Naseby, Maidwell, Harrington and Clipston which are all within 3-5 miles of Haselstock.

If setting up a tent and camping isn\'t normally your thing, why not try HOTEL BELL TENT


 Welcome to the wonderful world of Hotel Bell Tent. A Camping with Soul, hassle free delight that will revoluntionise the way you go camping.  Hotel Bell Tent provides a unique and magical touch to the camping experience and whilst it has been likened to staying in a luxurious hotel - you are in a field, at the heart of Haselstock Festival.  


 We hope to help create that unforgettable, not to mention cosy experience  - you simply book your \'room\', turn up and check in - leaving all the hard work to us giving you more time to enjoy the Haselstock magic and sparkle...

Hotel Bell Tent will provide you with the lavishness of home comforts, a truly unique space to unwind in after a day or night out and excellent 24hr customer service.        

Ideal for families, groups of friends or couples looking for something out ofthe ordinary...


All our beautiful canvas Bell Tents come fabulously dressed with accessories from our \'camping with soul\' range - luxury inflatable mattresses (as required per tent)and loomed rugs, coir door mats for muddy boots & shoes, tea light candle chandeliers (for light and warmth), low level handed painted tables, and with some packages 100% Egyptian cotton bedding and lovely soft bath towels...  

Booking more than one tent? Checking in with kids? Let us know and we will accommodate your requirements.

For more information and to BOOK YOUR TENT CLICK HERE

Look forward to seeing you thereTeam Hotel Bell Tent  xxx